Raquel Salas Rivera to speak at Millersville

February 7, 2018

Sade Palmer Features Editor Millersville has some great events planned for the semester. Giving students the chance to interact with each other outside of the classrooms and have a great time. One of those events . . .

Spoken word performed at Caffeine House

November 17, 2016

Taylor Cole Arts & Culture Editor Many college students have a lot of opinions and feelings about certain life experiences, current events, and differing ideologies. To get their thoughts out about these subjects, many write . . .

Sylvia Plath: Poetry of the mind

February 26, 2014

Maria Rovito Opinion Editor Writing has always been sort of a catharsis for me. When I construct poems, short stories, essays, and any other method of creative expression, I can release my thoughts and emotions . . .

Poetry Review: Mixed feelings by Beth Ann Fennely

April 15, 2010

Not all poetry leaves a fuzzy feeling in the reader. Some poems are initially enjoyable, but leave a strange feeling afterward; like delicious Mexican food gives eaters indigestion.

Beth Ann Fennelly’s newest collection of poems, “Unmentionables,” is a lot like Mexican food. It is bold, sexy, spicy, and at many times creepy and gross, leaving a strange feeling in the stomach. Instead of turning the reader off completely, this mix of characteristics makes her poems all the more interesting and enjoyable to read. . . .

Collage poetry by Dr. Thomas Fink: A self-described third generation New York School poet and painter, his poetry is not what students expected

April 14, 2010

Dr. Thomas Fink, a creative poet and performer from the City University of New York, LaGuardia held a poetry reading March 31. Dr. Fink recited several of his latest verse and abstract poetry in four different modes: Long and short poetry, a poetic/dramatic play, and series poetry. Dr. Fink’s works of poetry include “Clarity and Other Poems,” “No Appointment Necessary,” “After Taxes,” “Gossip: A Book of Poems,” and “Surprise Visit.” . . .

Filipino bilingual poet explores inner thoughts and memories

April 14, 2010

Poetry can be deeply personal and revealing about the inner struggles of the poet.

“Bird Eating Bird,” a debut collection of poems by Kristin Naca does just that. A Filipina-American poet, she was born in Washington, D.C. and raised in Northern Virginia. She earned her B.A at the University of Washington, her M.A. in English Linguistics at the University of Cincinnati, an MFA at the University of Pittsburgh, and a Ph.D. from the University of Nebraska. She speaks both Spanish and English, which is reflected in her bilingual poetry. . . .

Poetry Corner: Parting Endearments

October 7, 2009

Happiness I pray God gives you Love I hope it finds you Memories You must cherish Hope and faith Never let them perish Forever will you be in my heart In the scenes of my . . .

The Drummer

September 16, 2009

Fast beats the heart within my breast Fluttering, ever fluttering Can you feel the drummer? Never does he rest Dreaming of you The butterflies overwhelm Drummer ever drumming. Fluttering ensues My love for you is . . .

Poetry Review: Charles Simic

January 28, 2009

Charles Simic is a powerhouse poet. Not only is he the fifteenth poet laureate of the United States, but Simic has also won the Pulitzer Prize and the Wallace Stevens Award for poetry. . . .