Changing the game with cross platform play

March 31, 2016

Marie Mosca Opinion Editor Exciting news is emerging in the video game universe. Recently, Microsoft made a big move by announcing that it was working on getting the Xbox one to have cross platform compatibility . . .

Which gaming system should you wish for this year?

November 19, 2014

Mike Nitroy Contributing Writer Christmas brings cookies, cold nights and lighted trees. They also bring college students the hope that we may find something under our tree that we couldn’t afford the other 364 days. . . .

The PlayStation 4 will amaze and confuse you

February 27, 2013

Michael Farrell Staff Writer The year of the gamer, what some are calling the year 2013. This year, the PS4, Xbox 720, and the Steam Console are expected to make their debut. Last week Sony . . .