Franchise quarterbacks hardly a dime a dozen

April 14, 2010 1

This year’s NFL draft will be shown in primetime with the first round on Thursday night and the second and third round on Friday evening. The spotlights are brighter than ever before and undoubtedly they will shine brightest on the quarterbacks.

Sam Bradford and Jimmy Clausen are going to go through a month of intense scrutiny leading up to April 22. There is a never-ending search for the coveted franchise quarterback. Bradford and Clausen are seen as the elite quarterbacks in an otherwise weak year for the position, thus helping their stock immensely. Since 2000, 26 quarterbacks have gone in the first round of the draft, 16 of which went in the first half of the first round. Interestingly enough, 13 of the 26 are not full time starters; this shows what a crap-shoot the NFL draft can be.