Creating a dialogue about race

April 25, 2018 0

Mickayla Miller Editor in Chief Being that Millersville University is a microcosm of a larger society, the students here experience both the good and bad aspects of society: everything from a sense of community to

I can’t be a n*****: A social commentary

November 13, 2015 0

Christian Copeland Staff Writer The picture you see should leave you dumbstruck. It shows how discrimination is still relevant in America today. The photo of the pavilion beside the pond on our beloved campus was

Race-baiting with Republicans

April 11, 2013 0

Theodore R. Griffiths Staff Writer When I think of the word conservative, I immediately think of a person with a firm hold on their traditions that is averse to change (most likely because that is

Racism? …Gain some Insight!

September 30, 2009 0

I wanted to write and address the article written in “The Snapper” Thursday September 24, 2009. The article, “Segregation at MU,” addressed what the author believed to be racism at Millersville University. She stated that