Long distance love

October 9, 2013 0

Julia Maher Staff Writer All relationships take work. It doesn’t matter if it is with a friend, a family member, a boyfriend, or girlfriend. They all take a decent amount of work and require effort

Resurrect Chivalry

April 19, 2010 2

I like to think of myself as an unconventional type of girl. I enjoy dancing to the beat of a different drum undoubtedly. No matter how unconventional I may be, I am still a sucker for romantic junk, and so is just about every other girl. So here’s my message for the boys out there: It doesn’t matter what she says because deep down she really does care about that gushy stuff.

Happiness, Misery, and Relationships

September 30, 2009 1

College is more than just education, books, and studying into the early morning. College is also a time to experience new relationships. Whether the relationship is flowing smoothly or trekking along a rocky road, here is some helpful advice for all those current and potential couples roaming Millersville’s campus.

Friendships and Dating: Too many rules

September 30, 2009 1

A random girl sits down next to me with a scowl on her face, talks to my friend two feet from me, doesn’t look at me, and doesn’t say hi. I poke her gently and say, “Hi, my name is Chris.”

She says, “I’m leaving.”