Why fighting belongs in hockey

April 20, 2018 0

Bobby Bader Photo Editor In the past, I have made it well-known that I am no stranger to the game of ice hockey. Having attended over 1,500 games at the professional level, it is safe

Sports Opinion: Covering growth of ‘Ville Football

November 16, 2017 0

Brenden Curry Associate Sports Writer Ever since my freshman year, I’ve been covering Millersville football for The Snapper, our campus newspaper. I came to Millersville with the notion of becoming the football writer. I remember

Allie and Sam’s sports report

April 21, 2015 0

Sam Valentin Sports Writer Allie Remis Staff Writer On the Phillies… Allie: I am hopeful for this season. I think this year will be better than last year. I am hoping they learned from their

Flurry of moves leaves Eagles fans puzzled

April 7, 2015 0

Mike Eshleman Sports Writer If you’re an Eagles fan, there’s a pretty good chance that you’ve been watching what they’ve been doing during this crazy off-season. In all likelihood, this is probably one of the

Kentucky falls short in chance at perfection

April 7, 2015 0

Troy Losey Jr. Sports Writer A lot of people were talking about the success of Kentucky and what they had accomplished this year. Yes, it was a great accomplishment trying to go undefeated and set

National League East Preview

March 24, 2015 0

Sam Valentin Sports Writer One team from the National League East has won a crown in the past ten years. That was the Phillies back in 2008 when they brought back the crown to the

After flurry of moves, Hinkie comes under fire

February 24, 2015 0

Troy Losey Jr. Sports Writer Most people will criticize what has happened in the last week with the Philadelphia 76ers organization and the trading of Michael Carter-Williams and K.J. McDaniels. Most people want Sam Hinkie,

Sixers show glimpses of potential

February 17, 2015 0

Mike Eshleman Sports Writer Just a few short years ago in 2012, the Philadelphia 76ers battled the Boston Celtics in a playoff series that went to seven games. The 76ers fell just short, and the

Fantasy football playoffs begin

December 2, 2014 0

Troy Losey Jr. Sports Writer It’s playoff week for those of us who had a great fantasy football team this year. For the ones who did not make it because you had Adrian Peterson or

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