A friendly face brings joy to the Upper Deck

April 25, 2018 0

Alexander Bershtein Staff Writer Sometimes there are certain people that impact the lives of students across campus in ways seemingly small, but over the course of days, then weeks, semesters, and then years that person

Dumb does not always have to be stupid

February 16, 2010 6

Many of us have done things in our lives which we felt were stupid, idiotic, unreasonable, dumb, and not always the smartest. We will admit it, were all in college. Nearly everyone you meet on campus has a story about a night they will never forget. The fine line between college fun and complete insanity is crossed with an example of the picture above.


February 11, 2010 0

To those we hurt in the recent publication of the article, “Former officer files charges against university,” The Snapper staff is truly sorry. We apologize for prematurely mentioning an officer’s name before anything was confirmed by a court of law. The Snapper staff cannot stress enough the importance of following a Journalistic code of ethics and we assure you our mistake was done unknowingly.

Staff Editorial: Let's get involved Millersville

February 4, 2010 0

College extracurricular activities can be one of two things: A great release from classes or a bloody soap opera. Of course, we as students do not have the greatest luxury of time to venture into every club and organization Millersville has to offer.