Phi Delta Theta: breaking down stereotypes

December 6, 2018 0

Julia Walters Features Editor Greek life on college campuses has been under fire with extremely negative connotations for awhile. While the scandals that have been associated with Greek life are completely unacceptable, it’s also important

If I had a hammer…

October 22, 2014 0

Maria Rovito Managing Editor As a 20-year-old female attending college, I can say without a doubt that I am a feminist. I support equal rights for all, and believe that all humans deserve basic fundamental

There’s no Pride in this Fest

October 8, 2014 0

Aaron Jaffe Advertising Manager The gay community has always struggled with issues of false representation and stereotyping from others. However, you would never think that someone of the gay community would generalize their own culture

Defying a hateful stereotype

April 23, 2014 0

Kelsey Bundra News Editor This year, I have had a Sam Killermann experience. The social justice comedian that recently spoke at Millersville’s sEXPO told a story about how he had to “come out as not