Pack your bags: road trip tips

May 8, 2013

Anne Shaffer Features Writer Summer is just about one week away, and probably a good portion of the student population is seeking a way to spend their upcoming seasonlong break. One enjoyable vacation you can . . .

Staycation destinations

May 8, 2013

Nicole Schaffer Features Editor With the money earned from selling school books in our pockets and the entire summer ahead of us, there are many places waiting to be explored throughout P.A. While our city . . .

Sizzlin’ summer BBQ tips

May 8, 2013

Christine Illes Features Writer No summer could be complete without outdoor family cookouts, and of course no cookout would be complete without the grill. Grilling is one of the many things associated with summer, and . . .

One Book, One Campus discusses the freshman reading process

September 18, 2010

Millersville students have all been subject to some sort of summer reading book prior to starting freshman
year. Whether it was Ishmael, The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime, or, most recently, Einstein’s Dreams, The Common Reading Program has inched its way into students’ lives. The Common Reading Program is an organization which selects the book that the incoming class is assigned to read. These books are very carefully chosen. “The Common Reading Program is intended to create community and university community as a whole”, said Dr. Caleb Corkery, assistant chair of the English Department. . . .

Summer charity benefits us all

April 29, 2010

As summer approaches, some of us look forward to relaxing with four months of beach fun and late night barbeque’s. Other people, such as myself, have a full-time job to look forward to in order to pay for school the next semester. In either case, you will more than likely experience some down time in which you might get bored, or just feel like doing something different. Charity work is a great outlet for these urges, and Pedals for Progress (P4P) is a great association to work with. . . .

Sieze the Opportunity This Summer

February 16, 2010

The summer always seems so far away. It is hard to think that, despite the mounding snow on campus, summer is a mere three months away.

College students generally spend their summers in one of four ways. For some, the summer is full of relaxation and fun in the sun. Then, there are the students who use the summer months to work and save money. For others, there is the opportunity to continue their education. And as always, some college students use their summer time as an opportunity to travel. . . .

Summer School Two Words Not as Dreadful as They Once Were

February 16, 2010

For many students, taking summer courses is a great way to obtain credits. Summer classes at Millersville are offered in three sessions. Each session is treated as a different term. The duration of each session varies. Millersville offers four, five, nine, and ten week sessions. The University recommends a student take no more than two classes in one session. . . .