Millersville’s cool president

February 6, 2020

Jared HamelothEditor in Chief What does it mean to have a “cool” university president? Is it a president who wears t-shirts, sunglasses and likes to keep everything “super chill?” Or maybe it’s a president who . . .

Angry, young and hungry: new ducks wreak havoc at the pond

September 20, 2018

Alexander BershteinStaff Writer To the displeasure of the prime residents of Millersville University, the swans Miller and S’Ville, but to the delight of the surrounding human community, many mallard ducklings were born last spring. Unfortunately, . . .

A hole that became the heart of campus

April 19, 2017

Gabrielle Redcay Staff Writer At the figurative heart of Millersville University (MU) sits a pond. Students gather at its shoreline on fair weather days. Wildlife ranging from koi to squirrels to turtles congregate at this . . .