The college student experience at the Fulton Opera House

December 3, 2014 0

Nikki Schaffer Staff Writer It is impossible to miss the bright lights that illuminate the streetscape near the Fulton Opera House. Considered to be the nation’s oldest continuously running theater, this building’s home on Prince

An inside look at MU theater group ACMO

November 28, 2012 0

Olivia Synoracki Staff Writer Every year, the All Campus Musical Organization (ACMO) works hard to produce four major shows. These performances, which are directed, choreographed, and managed by students, give the Millersville community a chance

Citimard players perform Oedipus

February 4, 2010 0

Talk About a Mama’s Boy

The Greek tragedy of ‘Oedipus,’ the Theban king destined to kill his father, marry his mother, and bring disaster on his city and family comes to life through the efforts of Citamard this month in Rafters Theater.

Dutcher preview

September 9, 2009 0

Millersville University Theater is kicking off the semester with a favorite from the end of the previous one. Incoming freshman and upperclassmen alike will enjoy this thought-provoking tale. “Booby Trap”, which was featured at the end of last semester, will be showing again Sept. 10 & 11.

"Shape of things" brings in the crowd

April 1, 2009 0

What does it mean to be truly subjective? How deep can changes to ourselves go? These are questions you take with you after seeing “The Shape of Things.” The show opened at 8pm on Friday night and will continue until April 5.

Kite Runner, a story about friendship and loyalty

March 25, 2009 1

This past Saturday, March 21 Millersville hosted American Place Theater’s adaptation of the novel The Kite Runner. Actor Sorab Wadia gave a 55 minute one-man show, playing seven characters at one point or another.

Challenging ideas about art and love

March 25, 2009 0

Millersville University Theatre is proud to present the third and final production for this academic year. The Shape of Things is a play about personal image, which challenges our most deeply entrenched ideas about art and love.

And they all lived happily ever after

February 25, 2009 0

Into the Woods, a musical based on various fairytale stories, will be performed by ACMO March 12-15 in Lyte Auditorium. With music and lyrics by Stephen Sondheim, the cast has been pushed in various musical challenges.

Behind the scenes of Dutcher productions

February 25, 2009 0

Lights flicker in the lobby, signaling the start of the evening’s performance. People shuffle to their seats, and for the next two hours, are indulged in the lives of the characters personified on stage. It is easy to admire the work of the actors during the duration of the production, but it is also important to realize the work that it takes to get to the quality of performance.

MU Theater Presents…

January 28, 2009 0

Tired of reading? Come see Shakespeare in action as University Theatre brings “The Two Gentlemen of Verona” to life. Proteus and Valentine, the two gentlemen, are young men learning of love and friendship as they journey to Milan.

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