“God of War” premiers with critical acclaim

April 27, 2018

Matthew Reichard Staff Writer “God of War,” the 8thentry that also serves as a reboot to the long-standing PlayStation franchise, was released on April 20th.  It garnered incredible praise from media outlets, receiving perfect scores . . .

Kingdom Hearts Unchained X Released

April 14, 2016

Marie Mosca Opinion Editor North America has waited three years for the browser and mobile game Kingdom Hearts Unchained X to be released with much anticipation. It has finally arrived! The new game is the . . .

Die Rebel Scum: a video game Review

October 13, 2015

Patrick Sands Contributing Writer The long awaited Star Wars Battlefront Reboot by EA and Dice has finally released a teaser for the whole world to play. The Beta dropped today and people are geeking out . . .

Dark Dreams Don’t Die

April 30, 2015

Matt Daniels Staff Writer There are very few true auteurs in the video game industry, but if there’s any who has proven himself worthy of the title, it’s Hidetaka Suehiro, known better by the name . . .

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