Topi The Corgi wags his way to glory

December 10, 2018 0

Alex Bershtein Staff Writer A common pastime for users of YouTube is that of videos of animals. Plenty are a dime a dozen, going over the same antics of relying pure cuteness. Rarely, does a

An open letter to influential content creators…

November 18, 2018 0

Jason Hertz Multimedia Editor Dearest online Influencers, We love the endless hours of entertainment you bring us. Your DIY videos make building Ikea shelves possible without a degree in foreign language and culture. Your self-immolating

Recent YouTube restrictions affect LGBT videos

March 31, 2017 0

Mickayla Miller News Editor Recently, YouTube has been making a lot of changes to make sure that the content they’re providing is the content that users want to see. This is a progressive kind of

YouTube TV needs to stand out against itself

March 3, 2017 0

Robert Beiler Associate Opinion Editor On February 28, YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki took the stage at an event at the YouTube Space in Los Angeles to announce the website’s new live TV initiative. Dubbed YouTube

PewDiePie is not as villainous as WSJ claims

February 24, 2017 0

Mickayla Miller News Editor Felix Kjellberg, otherwise known as PewDiePie on YouTube, has recently found his way into the news once more for his latest controversy. The Wall Street Journal proposed the idea that Kjellberg

Boo-Tube: horror movie ads

October 2, 2015 0

Marie Mosca Opinion Editor A week or so ago I was pulling an all-nighter and trying to get as much work done as I could while listening to music and some podcasts on YouTube. To