Congratulations to Presidential candidate John McCain for securing my vote.

All summer I was unsure of who I wanted to support in their run for presidency but was leaning toward Barak Obama and when asked, that is who I would claim to be supporting. However the tables turned and on Friday I made my decision that the man I wanted to take over in leading our country was McCain.

When I first heard that McCain chose a running mate I was in the middle of running intervals at the gym. The TV’s were on mute and I was jamming out to some obnoxious pop song but the motions of celebration taking place on the screen caught my eye and for the first time I saw Sarah Palin and John McCain together as a team. The sub titles informed me that McCain chose the Alaskan governor as his running mate. I watched for a minute before it really sunk in what had just happened and then the wheels in my head began spinning.

The conclusion I came to was that McCain was one smart man to choose Palin and to me, any man who thinks that way would be a good leader for our country.

First off, Palin is only 44 years old. Her age counteracts the senior citizen air that was given to McCain’s campaign. Together they will be able to utilize both ends of the pendulum. They will have McCain’s experiences and Palin, while she too is experienced she brings a breath of fresh air because she is significantly young.

Second, she is a woman! I am not one of those feminist who was all gung-ho for Hilary solely because she was a woman, in fact, I refused to vote for Hilary in the primaries.

I think we need to be very cautious about who we elect as the first women president of our country and not rush into voting a women into the presidential role because she is a woman. However there are a lot of women out there who really wanted to see a woman try her hand at running this country and McCain played all the right cards for gaining their vote.

Palin will become the first female VP to lead our country. She might not be the president but this would be a big advancement for women. I believe McCain realized this and jumped on the chance to win Hilary supporters.

Palin is against abortion and takes a strong stance for pro-life. According to CNN anti-abortion organizations, Palin isn’t all talk as her actions match her stance. This brings me to the comments going around about her daughter’s pregnancy. Seriously people, this is 2008 and it is no longer uncommon for pregnancy outside of marriage. Her daughters pregnancy has nothing to do with her capabilities to run this country so stop trying to nit pick.  Deal with the fact that she is the woman for the job and McCain made a bold and wise move by choosing her.

Palin is also a supporter of the right to bear arms and supports gun safety. She herself, enjoys fishing and hunting.

With that, McCain just won over those who also support the right to bare arms and enjoy gaming hunting, as Obama and Biden both are strongly opposed to bearing arms.

Over all I would say McCain was strategic when he chose his running mate and his choice was the boost the Republican Party needed. His choice showed how smart he is and I am impressed with how well he is playing the game. I feel that his decision shows the amount of thought he puts in making choices and this proves to us how well he is ready to handle our country.

Its official I have left the Facebook group supporting Obama and have joined the John McCain supporters I have decided who I am supporting in the 2008 election.