Millersville has rolled out the carpet to welcome prospective students and their families to campus.

The welcome center located in Lyle Hall is now equipped with computers providing internet access allowing guest to surf the web while they are waiting to head out on a tour of the campus.

“We have computer stations for prospective students to find out more about the university or get on facebook or myspace, we just want them to feel at home,” said the Director of Admissions, Doug Zander.

Other improvements to the center include the offering of a variety of warm beverages and bottled water, swan shaped cookies to represent Miller and S’ville, a new production system allowing high tech presentations to take place introducing the students to the campus and a comfy lounge area for relaxation.

Upon the wall is a Clipper TV system that displays advertisements for local establishments as well as trivia regarding Millersville.

The new Welcome Center features more seating and a better environment for prospective students. Photo by Christian Shuts.
The new Welcome Center features more seating and a better environment for prospective students. Photo by Christian Shuts.

After a relatively short construction period the center is open and has already had prospective students come through and the results have been pleasing the admissions staff.

“Our responses from prospective students and their families have been positive.They like the space and tell us other schools don’t have anything like this and that was our goal; that we would give them a good impression on their first visit,” said Zander.

“We wanted to show that we were second to none and that we are providing a world class education.”

Constructing the Welcome Center was a project designated to Fred Eddinger assistant maintenance director for Millersville.

As the on-site construction manager his duties included identifying a designer and working with him on getting a contractor on board, watching the budget and the meeting of specifications.

“The goals for the project were set by Zander as well as Marketing Director Liz Braungard. They wanted to have a homey place for prospective students to come in and get a feel for the college. They wanted them to have a place to hang out before the tour.
They also wanted to update the facility,” said Eddinger.

Renovations at the Welcome Center for the most part are complete though a few minor changes are still underway.

One of those changes includes an awning installed at the entrance allowing room for people to get in out of the rain.

Also the exterior lighting will undergo changes, in which more lamp-posts will illuminate and add character to the new front entrance.

“The room before as it was was not being utilized very well but I think the use of the room is certainly going to increase and if that is the case than this project was money well spent,” said Eddinger.