Safari So Good helped to kick off a great semester here at Millersville University when they performed along with two other bands in Club de’Ville, producing a good turn out.

The band felt the show had gone well.

Lead singer, Jeff Judy said, “I think it was one of our best at Millersville, actually.”

Safari So Good have played about five shows here in the two years they have been together. All the band members were part of bands before forming Safari So Good.

However, unlike many bands, they have maintained all their original members.

Safari So Good is composed of band members that used to be in the bands Breaking Pangea and The Commercials. Former band mates from the latter went on to Join Taking Back Sunday. They had not really known each other before forming Safari So Good and as Jeff put it they, “Just sort of fell in together from local bands.”

Unfortunately, guitarist, Tom McGrath was unable to play in Club de’Ville because he recently broke his collar bone while skateboarding, or as drummer, Dan likes to say, “He was mauled by a bear.”

The band consists of lead singer, Jeff Judy, Tom McGrath who plays lead guitar or “Axe”, Tony Beveria on rhythm guitar and Dan Heatherly who plays drums.

Tony graduated from Millersville and Dan is currently a junior here.
All the band members collaborate to write the music for their songs.

However, Jeff writes the lyrics and melody and as he likes to put it, “shines the turds.”

Originally, the band was called Amarie Coma and when asked why they changed it, Jeff quickly replied, “Because it was stupid, it was a bad name and no one could spell it.”

They decided to change it to Safari So Good because it was “funny and quirky.”

“We didn’t want to be too serious and the name dropped a whole wall of seriousness for the band,” added Jeff.

Safari So Good's Dan Heatherly plays some of his band's favorite songs in Club de'Ville last Thursday night along with two local opening bands. Photo by Christian Shuts.
Safari So Good's Dan Heatherly plays some of his band's favorite songs in Club de'Ville last Thursday night along with two local opening bands. Photo by Christian Shuts.

Safari So Good mostly tours regionally. However, they did travel to England and Scotland to perform their music. Next they will be touring in Florida.

While in England, the band got into some funny situations regarding the “accent” barrier.

“This girl walks up to me,” began Jeff.

“Yeah, I’m pretty sure she was like eleven,” interjected Dan.

“Anyway, she comes up and with this British accent says fancy a shag,” continued Jeff. “That’s what I thought she said,”

He corrected, “So I repeat it back to her and she had actually said my friend fancies you.”

They also convinced one girl that they were really a British band, but had great American accents. She believed them and then proceeded to also believe that the British band was American with great British accents.

Doesn’t say much for the mother country, does it? Safari So Good attempts to set themselves apart from other bands, but like everyone else, have certain influences.

Lead singer, Jeff said their biggest influences are older punk and groups like the Beatles, but that they like to believe most genres influence them.

“Having more influences makes our music deeper”said Jeff.

They have played with bands like Red Jumpsuit Apparatus. “And Bon Jovi and Bruce Springsteen,” joked Jeff.

As far as long term plans go, Dan insisted, “obviously everyone wants their band to be big and make money, but we don’t take ourselves too seriously because we want to have fun and not lose sight of that.”

Safari So Good’s next local show will be Saturday, September 13, 2008 with Reggie & The Full Effect at the Chameleon club in Lancaster city.