Movie Review:
The Dark Knight

For several years now, many comic book titles have been made into feature films proving wildly entertaining to people who grew up reading the comic books and watching the TV shows. Yet it is very rare when a movie of this kind has been a huge hit with people aside from comic book fans.

The Dark Knight had high expectations to meet when it came out on July 18, 2008. at the first showing, all sorts of excited fans filled the local theaters. By the end of the film, there was an audible buzz of  excitement over how incredible the movie was or sighs of relief to release all the exhilaration built up over this two and a half hour show.

The Dark Knight is a breathtaking thrill ride into the first confrontation between the classic DC comic book hero, Batman (Christian Bale) and his arch nemesis The Joker (Heath Ledger).

All of the actors presented in the movie give spectacular performances, most notably Heath Ledger, who reinventing his character to make the Joker more frightening and psychotic than previous incarnations.

This movie has also been recognized as Heath Ledger’s best but last performance, since passed away before the movie premiered. In the eyes of director Christopher Nolan, that makes this movie all the more special.

Rotten gave The Dark Knight a  rating of 94/100 and IMDB rated a 9.2/10. I, myself am a long time fan of the Batman series.

Upon seeing the previews, I also had high expectations for this movie. Heath Ledger was terrifying and humorous. Each time he made a sadistic joke, he made you laugh and feel freaked out at the same time.

Everything you want in a comic book movie is here: a complicated hero, a cruel and insane villain, and a battle of wits and wills. The Dark Knight brings the Batman series back to the way it was originally supposed to be. This is one movie blockbuster you do not want to miss.