When you think of scarves you think of winter right? Well to your surprise you may see that you can also sport these fun, colorful, weightless pieces of accessory to your summer wardrobe as well.

The material is light enough so it will not make you hot during those long hot summer days.  Not only do they keep you cool but they can also act as something to make you feel warmer when you are in a high air-conditioned place or even shield you from the sun.

They have all different styles and prints in a variety of your favorite stores that will go with just about any outfit for a very reasonable cost!

The scarves act as a necklace or a burst of color around your neckline that guarantee to draw lots of attention. A lot of celebrities like Cameron Diaz, Jessica Alba, Sienna Miller and Hilary Duff are showing these scarves off on the streets as well.

There are many ways to wear it, swoop it around your neck and throw it off to one shoulder, tie it in a knot in front of you like a cowgirl, or just wrap it several times around your neck to act as an extra piece to your top, the possibilities are endless!