Some people seem to think that African Americans try to pull the race card whenever in a situation whereas they need to get out of trouble.

For those who are not quite sure of what exactly “pulling the race card” means, it is referring to an allegation raised against a person who has brought the issue of race or racism into a debate.

It alleges that someone has falsely accused someone of being a racist, in order to gain some type of advantage, and in many situations the one playing the race card does not want to take responsibilities for their own actions.

Yes, I am a black woman, but right is right, and wrong is wrong, that is why I say that I am sick and tired of black people who try to use slavery as an excuse for their short comings, and bad decisions today.

I am also sick of those black people pulling the race card when the situation has nothing to do with race.

Yes, racism does exist, I have experienced it myself, but everything is not about race all the time. The African American generation today did not face or have gone through even a fraction of what the African Americans or Africans have gone through in the past, so to use slavery or any other race related excuse for the way they are today is not only pathetic but irresponsible.

Take responsibility for your actions, no one forces you to do the things that you do. If you sell drugs you are a criminal, you are wrong.

Stop claiming that life is hard for an African American man when you are 1. Selling drugs 2. You put yourself in the situations that you are in, whether it be criminal or not.
Everyone is given an opportunity to make something positive out of themselves. This is not the 1940’s or 1950’s when blacks were not given the same opportunities as Caucasians.

I’m not saying forget about slavery because it is our history but to use it as an excuse is pathetic.

Some African American men claim that the white man is the enemy yet the most shocking thing is that African American men can’t even get along with each other. African American men are each other’s worst enemy not the white man.

In my neighborhood and many other urban neighborhoods African American men are killing each other like its normal, and the white man is nowhere around while they are committing these crimes.

Watch the TV show The First 48, or Crime 360 it airs on the A&E channel every Thursday, and you will then understand what point I am trying to make.

Too many African American men never want to take responsibilities for their actions in many different aspects of life.

My main point is that if you work hard whether African American, Caucasian, Hispanic, and Asian you will succeed. Race has nothing to do with success; your motivation and determination is what makes you successful.

Again if you don’t like what I have to say trust me I’m still going to say it regardless, I state my opinions on what I believe not what you like or want to hear.