On September 5 Millersville University welcomed Mad Chad Taylor to the Student Memorial Center. Millersville students have been anticipating him coming for some time now. The wait was finally over and the audience was not disappointed by his performance.

He started juggling at the age of thirteen in California. Since then he has never stopped. He has performed in many places including  the “Tonight Show with Jay Leno” and has made an appearance on Spiderman 3 as the bar tender.  He is also featured  in the Guinness book of World Record. He has traveled all over the country with his act.

The students at Millersville entered  the SMC at their own risk. He made sure to let them all know this.  He began his show with juggling five tennis balls. After dropping one off the stage I began to fear for my life as I was sitting in the front row.

He ended up crawling under the stage to retrieve his juggling ball. However, even during a mistake he managed to make the audience laugh and enjoy themselves.

Although he made this seem like a joke, it was obvious that he just lost sight of the ball. After making the audience laugh at his witty jokes he moved on to implants. Yes, implants.

He actually got these from his ex-girlfriend. He had made the decision to buy her implants and then the relationship went bad before the procedure took place. He decided to take the implants.

I have never seen anyone juggle implants before, but it was entertaining enough.
Mad Chad allowed the audience to participate by allowing five people to toss bats at him as he juggled. This was a good idea because it allowed the audience to feel like they were part of the show.

Mad Chad juggles some of his easier props during his comedy show. Photo by Christian Shuts.
Mad Chad juggles some of his easier props during his comedy show. Photo by Christian Shuts.

Next Mad Chad decided to juggle three 100 thousand volt stunt guns. Only someone who is crazy would do a stunt like that. However, it is obvious this is exactly what Chad was going for. One wrong move and Mad Chad would be on the floor.

After that terrifying trick he decided to ask for the audience’s help again. This time most were not as eager to participate. Finally three brave students agreed to participate. They slowly made their way to the stage.

He was going to attempt to eat an apple as he spun sharp knives while riding on a unicycle.

To prove that the knives where real and very sharp, he asked a volunteer to  put a carrot in her mouth so he could toss the knife and cut the carrot. To be funny, he dropped the knife a few times and consequently his volunteer refused to do it.

Then he attempted to jump on the unicycle but failed so he just climbed on. This trick was not at all disappointing. Mad Chad successfully spun the knives while eating the apple that he was juggling. Every time the audience said “eat”, he took a bite.

Mad Chad struggles on his unicycle as he tries to grab a knive out of a students hand. Photo by Christian Shuts.
Mad Chad struggles on his unicycle as he tries to grab a knive out of a students hand. Photo by Christian Shuts.

One of the most terrifying parts of the show was when he started juggling shot puts.

To prove that they where real he asked a member of the audience to take the ball and see how much it weighed. It indeed was real. Everything was going fine when all of a sudden he dropped a shot put on his head and everyone was held their breath.

“When it first happened I thought it was real but after, I thought typical he he had already tricked us like that before I should have had expected it,” said Rachel Ward, a student from the audience.

In fact, it was a trick. The shot put that landed on his head was not the real one. By this time, some of the audience had been terrified while others laughed. The time came for the final act.

Mad Chad turned on the chainsaws and cut a piece of wood. They were in fact real. The audience was kept in suspense as he started to say that it would be funny if he accidentally cut his hand off. But it was not funny.

He started juggling the chainsaws and everything became silent except for the music in the background. He finished off the with the sound of an applauding audience.

After thinking that the show was over, Mad Chad balanced on a skateboard, risking his life once again before the show was over.

But don’t worry no one was hurt during the show.

Mad Chad is the type of comedian that likes to play pranks on the audience more than telling them a joke, it’s a different type of humor.

By seeing the beginning of the show one might think that it is not a good idea for him to juggle chainsaws. He may be  dropping something as simple as a tennis ball but this makes the audience freak out and makes the show even better.

I do not recommend this comedian for those weak at heart, because it does seem to get a little risky towards the end, but all in all it was an exciting show, while funny at the same time.