It starts with the first bite. Then the next makes it worse. And with the final bite, the dinner partner can sometimes give way to a loud sigh of relief.

The problem? Chewing with the mouth open. While table manner and etiquette have taken a back seat in most families, there comes a time when they become extremely important.

For instance; you go on a date with this gorgeous guy/girl. You meet them at the SMC and are pleased to see they have taken the time to clean up nicely.

You get your food and find a quiet area, where you sit down to talk about your hopes and dreams, but sadly… You can’t focus.

All you see is the food moving around in their mouth. What would your parents say if you brought them home like that?

Or perhaps you’ve got a job interview with your dream company.

Your resume is perfect for what they want, and you’re sure you are their top candidate.
Pity you chewed with your mouth open. Now they think you’ll make a bad impression on any clients you have to take out!

The fact of the matter is, table manners are important in the long run.

So the next time a dear friend slurps their soup, or scares away small children with their wide open mouths, let them know. Say, “Dude? If I wanted “see food” I’d go to Red Lobster.”

Sure they will hate you for being a jerk, but at least they will be more conscious next time they are masticating with their mouth open. Or at the very least, admire you for your overly polite table etiquette.