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Amish Family Recipes

The Amish Family Recipes stand offers products made from local recipes. Most of these products are jarred goods such as jams, salsas, salad dressings, and pickled produce, according to Lynn Walker, an owner of the stand.

The stand is run by Lynn and Keith Walker, who have had the stand at the Central Market for about seven years. Amish Family Recipes stands are also at Roots and the Lebanon Farmers’ market.

The Walkers also run the stand right next to Amish Family Recipes, Tessa’s Biscotti Bistro, featuring homemade biscotti.

“I’ve never enjoyed myself as much as I have at Central Market,” said Walker. “People are return customers.”

Simpy Sweet Candy

The Simply Sweet candy stand is owned by Crystal Weaver and has been in operation for four years. Simply Sweet has well over 100 different types of candies. The candies are bulk, meaning that customers can buy as little or as much of a particular candy as they wish.

Among these types of candies are locally-made gourmet chocolates from local family-owned businesses.

In addition to gourmet chocolates, this stand offers a unique selection of old-fashioned candies available for those who want a trip down memory lane or want to buy presents for family members. Various types of bubble gum, licorice, and gummies are also provided at the Simply Sweet stand.

Weaver enjoys the family atmosphere of the Central Market as she gets to know customers and fellow stand operators.

“I love being here,” said Weaver.

Gifts from Pineapple House Creations

The Pineapple House Creations stand has been in operation for one year. It was purchased by Michael and Sheryl Hazzard.

This stand sells homemade soy candles, baskets from the United States and Poland, table-top decorative items, prints, pottery and Moroccan handbags.  Candles are available in a variety of scents and come in eight-ounce mason jars and 16 ounce jars and crocks.

According to Michael Hazzard, their products make great gifts. College students have been known to come to this stand for buying gifts at a reasonable price.

In addition, Pineapple House Creations supports recycling. If a customer brings in a jar from one of the stand’s candles, a refill can be bought for a discounted price.

“It’s kind of a win-win all around for everybody,” said Hazzard.

The Hazzards share a similar feeling about the market that other stand owners have expressed.

“We love it, we do a majority of our shopping there,” said Hazzard.