December is finally here and with its arrival comes many changes. Leaves fall from the trees, animals begin to hibernate for winter, ice cream parlors close up shop, and relationships begin to fall apart.

Unfortunately the last one is just as true and time tested as all the rest. There must be something about the gloom and doom of the winter season that pulls people apart, after summer pushes them together.

I hate to make this sound that every winter everyone breaks up and goes their separate ways until spring when the world is itself again and we can all be happy, because that is in no way what I am going for here.
Rather, I would like to take the time to see if I can pick apart and analyze why relationships seem to fail more in winter than any other time of the year.

Is it because of the colder weather? It couldn’t be, simply because when it is cold, couples are more likely to want to cuddle, and who doesn’t love cuddling, honestly? Alright, so we can scratch the cold weather angle.

Finals are just around the corner, could the stress from studying and the pressure of the recent workload increase come into the equation. Perhaps, however, what better way to relieve the stress of school then with a boyfriend or girlfriend?

Go out to the movies, have dinner together, kick their roommate out and have some alone time. If you want to break up just because you have to spend your time free time not studying with your significant other, well then maybe you should really take a break, no need to read any further, I wish you the best of luck with your next romantic endeavor. However, for the rest of you, continue on.

Let me see, oh yes, Christmas is coming up and presents are a must for your loved one, especially if you were a cheapskate the rest of the year. This is your chance to make up for it. But is that enough to break up a relationship?

I have heard about boyfriends or girlfriends breaking things off because they simply did not have enough money for the holiday season, to buy presents, and then after all the hype died down and the wreaths were taken to the dump, they would get back together as if nothing happened.

Is that even logical? Why break up just because you can’t afford a present for them? Go to the dollar store and get some crafty materials to make something homemade, it may not be their favorite present ever, but it’s something, right?

There is no need to let your embarrassment over financial situations lead to the demise of your relationship.

What about problems at home? That seems like a logical and often used excuse. However, let us think about this, if you are having problems at home, would you not want someone, not at home, that you could go see and talk things over with?

I mean sure you may be upset about what is going on at home but that is what your boyfriend/girlfriend is there for and to talk to about, plus if you play your cards right they’ll hold you and console you. What more can you ask for?

Next reason, with break coming up, if you two go to school together, maybe one of you doesn’t want to be tied down for a month whilst you are both away.

This is kind of like saying, oh well since I don’t have you right here then I don’t want to be bothered with you. It sucks to have that happen to you. It is basically an act of selfishness on one of your parts.

Again, stupid and even possibly insulting. But I suppose you could pull that and get away with it, it just doesn’t seem like a good enough excuse to break up.

These are all just potential logical reasons that relationships end at this time of the year; time and time again. You may ask me, what makes you the all-knowing master of what makes relationships fail?

Simply, all my relationships have ended in the winter months and as my relationships seem to fall apart so do the relationships of those around me. It is almost like a domino effect, of sorts, unfortunately.

So basically, you are with someone you love right now and aren’t planning to pull any stunts and break up with them, maybe just have a talk about some of these reasons people do just make sure you will still be together when you need someone to kiss at midnight on New Years.

Good luck to everyone, whether you will be with the one you love or not this holiday season.