It is easy, and completely understandable, to get tired of being in the same area all of the time. Sometimes it is just nice to get away for a few days, even if money is tight.

Spring break provides students with a decent amount of time to get away from the sameness of their surroundings for just a little while.

It is not necessary to travel overseas or go to the islands for a fun spring break trip; especially since airfare can be so expensive when combined with the costs of food and lodging.

Road trips to various historical places or just places, you have always wanted to go, provide entertainment and allow you to see many things in a short period of time.

An attraction like Niagara Falls will be less expensive to go to during spring break this year with it being the off-season. The beginning of March is not really the time for hotels to inflat their prices for tourists.

Casinos, historical attractions, and interesting features like the Daredevil Museum can be enjoyed without worrying too much about cost. Not to mention it is only about a six and a half-hour drive from Millersville University.

Junior Ashley McColgan went to Canada for a previous spring break and saved money by finding a cheap hotel online, driving there, and finding little bars to eat at instead of larger restaurants.

Of course, Canada is not going to be any warmer than Pennsylvania.

“I don’t really like the snow, so it wasn’t my favorite trip,” said McColgan. “It wasn’t a rowdy trip.”

Most ski resorts are in season until the beginning of April, so with MU having  an early spring break this year, students will have the opportunity to try out some skiing that they might have missed during winter break.

Renting a little cabin with a bunch of friends can help to keep costs down and several skiing areas are within reasonable driving distance from Millersville.

If you really need to enjoy the warmth on the beach, the closest and least expensive place to go is Florida. While a longer drive, it can be made into a fun adventure when you have several friends all having a good time together and sharing the cost.

It is important to remember that going to visit family can be a nice way to get out of the Lancaster area and save money by staying with them instead of at a hotel.

Sophomore Lori Rosowski traveled to Florida to visit her sister for spring break last year and got the added benefit of enjoying the beach. However, according to Rosowski, spring break is not long enough to really get much out of it.

“I think spring break is overrated, wait until summer,” said Rosowski.

To save money and still have a good time, junior Cassandra Blum stayed at a friend’s house in Puerto Rico for a spring break get away. If you do not have someone to stay with, Blum recommends sharing a room with friends or going away with family.

“Spring break is just expensive,” said Blum. “You just have to save up for it.”

Another thing to keep in mind, the beach is not far from Millersville, even if it is just as cold there as it is here.

“Obviously it’s too cold to actually go to the beach, but at least it’s a different town,” said McColgan.