A Millersville University student, Stefanie Yeager, who graduated in December 2008, has the honor to attend Tainan University of Arts in Taiwan.

This university is one of the best colleges in Taiwan for the arts, according to Professor Debbie Sigel.

Not only did Professor Sigel recommend her student Yeager for this opportunity, but she studied at the Tainan University during four months of her sabbatical.

Stefanie Yeager will be leaving for Taiwan in February and is planning to return in May.

“My family is really excited for me, but my mom is a nervous wreck,” Yeager said.

Yeager is the first person in her family to receive a four-year degree and also the first person from Millersville University to receive such an opportunity.

She double majored in art education and art with a concentration in ceramics.

Yeager said that she is very grateful to all her professors in the art department, especially Debbie Sigel, because they have always been so helpful.

“I am forever thankful for Professor Sigel’s guidance and support.” Professor Sigel said that Yeager embraced every opportunity that the professors offered her and worked extremely hard.

Yeager’s goals in Taiwan are to experience the culture as much as possible, take advantage of studio time at the university, travel all of Taiwan and to visit China.

“I know that to experience a culture, eating their food is a definite so I’m planning on experimenting different types of foods while I’m there,” she added.

Yeager thinks she will be able to handle the culture shock because she spent a lot of time with a Taiwanese art student who studied in Millersville last year and she has been learning the language in her spare time.

Professor Sigel recommended Yeager because she is a very strong art student and believes she will succeed in an intense program.

“I am incredibly proud and impressed with her independence and willingness to take risks. I’m sure no matter what Stefanie ends up doing, she will do well and impact others,” Professor Sigel says of her former student.

Yeager admits to be both nervous and scared about her upcoming adventure, but plans on tackling it like any other opportunity that was thrown in front of her.

“Millersville is about opportunity. Graduating is not the end, it is the beginning,” said Professor Sigel.