Many of you ask yourselves what it means to be part of a religion and what the difference  is between religion and church.

Earlier in my days as a Christian, I was strong in my faith. I wanted to follow a strict set of rules because my parents told me to do so and it was the conventional way.

Like me, many of you had to conform to religion because it was the way of American Culture.

Then once you got old enough, you decided to leave the religious ways and live life how you wanted; which is something I myself did for a while. I discovered some interesting thing; the church. What is the difference between church and religion? It is all the same, is not it?

According to, a church is faith, family and friends. Religion, however, is a state or institution.

Historically, religion has persecuted non-believers and even believers for not conforming to the institutional convention given to man by God, whereas a church builds a community of all people to live by faith and trust in a higher being.

A religion teaches people to condone those who do not believe and a church invites non-believers to gatherings to check out what they believe. A religion excludes but a church includes. Religion is a law by man but a church is a law by the Deity.

A religion oppresses, whereas a church encourages. A religion is living by strict code whereas a church lives by an inscribed code within the being from a higher being.

Religion and church are conveniently thought to be the same  thing because people think religion is a group of people with earthly intentions whereas a church focuses on spiritual intention.

For those who know me, I am a Christian, but I have questioned the religious order of Christianity because the religious institutions are dead. I have been told by many religious people that I am a heretic because I do not obey religious rules, such as worshiping on Sunday, and I do not hang out with the “religious” people.

In Harrisburg there is a church that is extremely unconventional because they follow the scriptural texts through faith rather than by a cult-like organization.

This church is more successful than other worship places because it lives by faith and love, whereas the religious institutions live by man’s law.

Religion is a cult that people follow because religion helps people to see in something whereas church teaches you to believe in order to see.

Let me ask this question, have you ever seen a snake talk?

Religious people get into the trap of saying that it is not possible for a serpent to talk to a human, A.K.A Adam and Eve; people with Faith trust that evil can pervert nature for its doing.

Do not religiously conform to the idea that all people who live by faith and trust in a higher being are religious freaks.