After three years of writing articles, copy editing pages, eating, sleeping and doing homework down in The Snapper office, I can’t believe the end is here.

Millersville University’s campus has provided not only a home to me over these past four years, but acted as an outlet for building some of the best friendships I have.

Most students and faculty will never fully understand how much time and effort is put into The Snapper on a weekly basis.  Trying to squeeze in last minute interviews, writing articles at 11 p.m. on a deadline night, checking for spelling and grammar errors at 3 a.m., and hanging out with the most diverse staff on campus until all hours of the night are all aspects of working for the student newspaper.

Some of the best moments of my college career have happened while down in The Snapper office.  Some of my closest friendships have grown from being down in The Snapper office.

They say that when the end is near, you begin thinking about the beginning. This saying has never been more true.  All graduating seniors are trying to cram last minute parties and college experiences into these last few weeks, while trying to balance all the final weeks’ workload.

To Gene: Thank you for your guidance over these past years. You show every week that you care about the paper and the students that publish it.

Some members of the paper staff have been part of my life for years now. And then there are those who have only just become my friends. To Allison, Adam, Fazna, Gordon, Amanda, Jenna, Deena, Joe, Christian, Tatum, Tommy, Kevin and LJ: I am so proud of everything you have done for the paper. You are an inspiration to the entire campus. I only wish we could have become closer. You are all amazing people, and I can’t wait to stay in touch over the upcoming years.

To Zack, Nina, Rebecca, Katrina and Carla: We have seen some amazing times down in the office. There were nights where we wanted to kill each other, but we managed to stick through the bad times, right through to the best of times. I don’t know what I am going to do without you guys. My life will not be the same not seeing you all the time. I hope we can talk often after leaving Millersville.

To Augusta: It will not be the same not talking to you almost every day about anything and everything in our lives. We started at The Snapper around the same time, and believe it or not, we have made it through these years. I know more about you than I care to admit sometimes…Britney obsession, Saved by the Bell and Kelly Kapowski, your internship, the guys in your life and all your jobs and parties. You have given so much to the paper this past year, and without you we would have been nothing.

I will take away from these years responsibility, character building, teamwork, hardwork, and a great bunch of friends. I will always remember blasting music in the basement of the SMC around 4 a.m., as well as the night the printer knew we were having problems with it, and so it automatically printed out directions on how we should handle the situation.

I will miss everything about the office: but the office is just a room. The real essence of The Snapper is each and every member of the staff, bringing their own piece of the puzzle. This certain puzzle can never be recreated again in the future of the paper, but I want to wish the future of The Snapper as well as Millersville’s campus the best of luck.

Andrew is graduating with a degree in Business Marketing and with a minor in Print Media Studies.