Field of Screams, the number one haunted attraction in America, opened its doors for the season on Saturday Sept. 18. The place was full of curious faces looking for thrill and excitement. The setting was just right with its haunted houses and spooky characters watching and waiting at every corner.

In its 16th year, Field of Screams has never been so scary. They have two haunted houses including, the Den of Darkness and Frightmare Asylum along with the Haunted Hayride. The attraction also consists of the kid-friendly, “Little Screamers,” which is a pumpkin patch hayride and farm fun for the entire family.

If you are looking for something up close and personal, something that will have you screaming and running for your life, Field of Screams is the place to visit this fall. Take the tour of the haunted houses and you will be experiencing the residents in a way you wouldn’t even in your darkest nightmares.

“I was too scared to go on anything except for the hayride,” said Rachael Camacci, a junior Secondary Education major.

She said she did not want to go in the haunted houses because she hated the idea of walking in the dark and how close the characters and props get to you.

“I don’t like the proximity of the actors,” Camacci said.

However, she said she would definitely go again because being there with her friends made the evening fun and exciting.

Not everyone seemed to be too terrified to take on the crazy clowns, insane asylum patients, the butcher, the guy with the chainsaw and many other terrorizing characters. “I just thought it was funny,” said Chelsea Vajda, Junior, Economics major.

She said she tried to bring humor into it and lighten the mood

“My favorite part was the checkered room in the houses because you feel like you’re in a dream and you’re just hoping to find you’re way out,” she said

Vajda said it was her second time going to Field of Screams and will definitely go again because the experience is always different.

They do such a great job creating a haunted atmosphere,” Vajda said.
Lauren Banks, junior, Psychology major said the scariest part for her was not knowing what to expect next.

“People are jumping at you at random corners was unexpected and was scary for me,” she said.

She also said that she did not expect the actors to get so close to her face and actually touch her. Banks said she would definitely go back again because she had a lot of fun and the thrill was exciting.

Aside from the haunted attractions, Field of Screams hosts various types of entertainment as well. For example, there is a calendar on their website at for a list of upcoming events. World of Screams Idol, Rap Battle, and Guitar Hero are a few examples.

Field of Screams will be open from Sept. 18 to Nov. 1 and it’s only 15 minutes from Millersville. Tickets are available online or on sight.