The MMAP Web site describes that there are many misunderstandings concerning mentoring.

Mentoring is not a one-way street. Both parties can learn and grow through this experience.

Mentoring relationships do not have to be face to face.

It does not have to be a time consuming process; each relationship is different and should work according to both party’s needs.

These relationships do not need to be complicated, but meeting more than once will offer more knowledge and experience.

Training for mentors and mentees will occur on October 9th and matching will take place one to two weeks afterwards.

The commitment period for both parties lasts until April, but they can continue for as long as they wish.

At the training session, people talk about their past experiences with the program.

Mentor and mentee pairs can do all sorts of activities together including participating on campus together, attending events, or doing community
service. Many also meet for coffee or lunch.

“It can be serious or it can be fun,” Caldwell said, “And many mentee’s keep in touch with their mentors long after graduation.”

For now the program is trying to find an effective means of measuring the success rates of the program.

“We rely heavily on the stories people tell,” Caldwell said, “A lot of times, people realize how much the program helped much later, even years later, upon reflection of where they are and how they got there.”

The program does not just help individuals, however.
MMAP also offers their services to organizations, clubs, sororities, fraternities, and even departments.

They offer mentoring services that they may need, such as making the process easier and more effective through training and resources.

“We also refer some people to Big Brothers, Big Sisters,” Caldwell continued.

They also hold an annual Mentor/Mentee Appreciation Reception where they award the outstanding members of the program. The next reception will be held on April 8, 2010.

To learn more about the program, visit their Facebook fan page or go to their website at The headquarters at Chester House is always open to visitors or callers at 717-871-5344.