Students check out the variious presenter tables at the annual Wellness Fair
Students check out the variious presenter tables at the annual Wellness Fair
Students learned a lot about themselves intellectually, emotionally, and physically at the annual Wellness Fair.

The fair, sponsored by the university’s Wellness and Women’s Center, took place Tuesday inside the Student Memorial Center gymnasium. The theme of this year’s fair was “Get Out and Connect,” which, according to the Wellness Center, “highlights the social dimension of wellness.”

Tables were set up from local vendors and groups, as well as campus organizations.

Groups represented include: Lancaster Regional hospital and the Susquehana Valley Pregnancy Services off-campus; and Career Services, Empower Peer Educators, and Millersville Mentor Alliance Program on-campus. Roughly 20 vendors and groups participated.

The organizations were separated in the gymnasium by an aspect of an individual’s self. The aspects were physical, social, emotional, intellectual, and environmental.

In addition to having information at each table, some groups had quizzes and games for the students to complete.

Students were able to enjoy a free lunch by participating in the school’s annual “Bored?” program, which awards students for going to different functions on campus.

The Wellness Fair is hosted each year by the Wellness and Women’s Center. The center is dedicated to promoting healthy lifestyles for all students on the campus.

They provide educational programs and host informational tables throughout the year to raise awareness about a multitude of issues.

More information can be found by visiting the Montour House, located on George Street across from the Student Memorial Center. The center’s website also has additional details.