Law Abiding Citizen, which was directed by Gary Gray was based on the screenplay written by Kurt Wimmer.

The movie was a thoroughly entertaining one; however I thought its trailer was definitely misleading.

I walked in to see this movie, thinking it would be a good action and suspense film; however, it was a thriller with plenty of gore and horror.

The plot of the movie is based on an everyday guy who decides to take justice into his own hands.

Clyde Shelton, this character who is played by Gerard Butler, is a gripping character who has vengeance after the brutal murder of his wife and daughter.
Since justice was not served, Shelton decides to come back ten years later and extract it from the assistant district attorney who prosecuted the case against the killers.

He doesn’t stop here. He also takes his anger out on the system and the city of Philadelphia.

Therefore, the prosecutor, Nick Rice played by Jamie Foxx, has to watch his back.
After torturing and killing one of the murderers, Shelton gets thrown in jail where he begins his real murdering spree.

He plots many murders from his jail cell, which leads the characters to guess and predict his next move, but always falling behind.

The movie had gruesome scenes and unexpected twists and turns.

I enjoyed the unpredictable appeal of the film, but disliked the gore.

Technology is incorporated in Shelton’s killings and it shows the mastermind behind the screenwriter and the creativeness behind the plot.

The acting drew in emotion from the viewers and was compelling.
It added so much more to the movie and held the attention of the audience with its unpredictability.

Watch the movie and see for yourself if this movie exceeds your expectations, or falls short of a thriller.