You may think only top executives have a 12 hour work day, but college students have an equally busy schedule. Being a full time college student can be overwhelming. Managing 15 credits, extracurricular activities, a job, and a social life can be difficult. Good time management skills are necessary in maintaining a successful college career.

Students usually have a schedule that varies from day to day. We all know that it can be stressful trying to fit all our obligations into one week. Classes and jobs are scattered throughout the day. By the time classes and work are done, students still need to have time to study and have a social life. So, how does this get done?

College students’ schedules vary. Some students may have to work full time while taking 15 credits. While others may take 15 credits but are involved in sports and other clubs that fill their time. No matter what the situation, everyone gets stressed about managing time. Time is of utmost importance in our society. Our days revolve around scheduling.

Using a calendar or a PDA to schedule out activities is useful in managing time. Also, having a calendar or another place to write down responsibilities makes it easier to plan ahead. Prioritizing activities is important. The goal of managing time wisely is to find a balance between things you want and need to accomplish.

As college students, it is okay to be self-focused. By accomplishing your own goals first, you will have more energy to be attentive to friends.

Making your schedule flexible and sensible will make it easier to follow. Breaking down big tasks into smaller sections can make them less overwhelming. Smaller tasks are also easier to fit into your schedule. When doing school work, focusing on a little at a time can help to decrease stress levels.

According to the website,, the advantages of time management are: you will gain time, reduce avoidance, be motivated, eliminate cramming, and reduce anxiety.

Though it is important to make school work a top priority, it is also equally important to have a social life.

“I take 15 credits and work part-time. I manage my time wisely by having a schedule,” Casey Rule, a psychology major said, “I make sure to incorporate a social life into my schedule even if it’s only once a week.”

The key to managing time is making a list of priorities for the day.

Working part-time or even full-time is a reality for many students. Having to manage classes, studying, and work all at once can be difficult. Cutting down on social activities, credits, and work hours may be necessary if life gets overbearing.

The website places emphasis on taking time to relax, “Build some flexibility into your schedule. Give yourself extra time to cope with interruptions in your schedule. As well as time to work, build in some time to play. Scheduling recreational activities and regarding them as important parts of your day gives you something to work towards.”