A new semester is here, and along with it come many grand plans to stay on top of school work, improve relationships, and get healthy. We plan to regularly call old friends and make new ones, to eat better, and finally hit the gym.

But assignments pile in, stomachs grumble during 2 a.m. study sessions, and inevitably, we have a day or two when we choose sleep over work. Our plans to be organized and productive fall to the wayside and, before we know it, we are overwhelmed. Catching up and getting back on track seems an impossible task, and the rest of the semester is spent muddling our way through the rest of the semester.

While correcting every inefficiency in our lives would take away from the “college experience,” (because, really, what would college be without a little procrastination?) cleaning up a few of our worst habits could prove beneficial.

Here, our writers present tips on making the most of the new semester by focusing on a few major points of stress in the typical student’s life: staying in contact with home, getting the most out of life, optimizing your study space, and getting fit.