Textbooks have become the bane of a college students existence. Why is it that our bookstore and many other retailers feel it is appropriate to charge an arm, a leg, and a kidney for one book?

Many students feel as though they are trapped by purchasing books at the bookstore on campus. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO!!! There are many different places for students to escape the grip of inflated prices, bad return policies, and poor use of our tuition.

Let me lay out a few websites that can help us as students to save the almighty dollar.

There are three primary ways for students to get a hold of the necessary materials for class; renting textbooks, purchasing textbooks, and purchasing e-textbooks. Try these websites: Amazon.com, Half.com, Textbook.com, Ebay.com, and Coursesmart.com for the purchasing of textbooks and e-textbooks. For the rental of textbooks try Chegg.com. Of course these are some of the many websites that afford a better remedy to our bookstore.

What I am after is to send a shockwave to the bookstore through our voice as a student body. The students are the reason this university exists. The audacity of charging absurd amounts for no significant reason is utterly disgusting.

We must speak out when our voices are being smothered under the foot of the university. Millersville must understand that their prices for textbooks are an absolute joke and need to be changed. But we the students are the only ones that can press the issue through utilizing our voices and wallets.