Due to harsh weather conditions, the SMC renovations are behind schedule, but this will not be a pressing issue for the next phase of construction.

Several changes were made over the break. “The construction crews finished the footers and brought the area in front of the RMPR up to grade,” said Geoff Beers, Chief Operating Officer. The crew also continued to work on the footers and walls for the new open recreational area, as well as complete the concrete walls of the mechanical room.

This week, the steel skeleton of the addition will begin to go up. This is the reason the crane is in front of the SMC. It is used to place the steel framework.

Students should not worry about any disruptions in the SMC, other than occasional construction noise. The Student Memorial Center will operate normally through the spring semester.

On May 10, 2010, the SMC will close with the exception of the University Store, textbook room, and copy shop. “The fitness center will close for the summer to do overhead work in the ground floor areas,” Beers said. The fitness center will re-open for the fall 2010 semester.