If you are like us, you must be sick of the overcrowded classes that this semester has given us. Prepare yourself, it’s just going to get worse before it ever gets better.

The State of Pennsylvania is in the worst budgetary disaster it has seen for decades. Oh how the water trickles through the cracks all the way to the bottom of the barrel. Fellow classmates, we are the bottom of the barrel.

Millersville is a state institution, which means we are a piece of property in the minds of Harrisburg politicians. These individuals feel as though a great place to help combat the economic issues surrounding the state is with the help of education costs. As students we must step back and understand what the costs of education will encompass. The overhead to run the campus such as salaries, power and water bills, and everything else that it takes to run the small city we have here at Millersville is the cost of our education.

In order for Millersville and other state universities to help increase profit, the answer is simple: Raise tuition and make the overhead stay consistent. If the universities are taking in more money and not allowing any more to leave their pocketbooks this is good for the state.

This is where we come into play as students. Larger class sizes, which possibly means less time to have the one-on-one time with professors that the school preaches religiously. Increased costs of textbooks and supplies at the bookstore will hurt our pockets. Uncomfortable living conditions for some at the dorms, and remember it was last year that Gaige Hall had basically become a hostel in the basement and RAs having to accommodate their own residents. These are just a few of the examples of how cutbacks are hurting us.

Most importantly, the students are losing a piece of the old Millersville that the University created to attract new students. The quiet, comfortable, simple country school is starting to look more like a metropolitan city, with construction for the moment, scouring the landscape.Yet the university is worried about money.

As students we must remember that our education is as good as what we make it to be. Millersville still delivers a high quality education through the prestigious faculty that is being thrown against the wall along with us. We must look forward and get through the next few years and hope that the men and women right up Route 283 understand that if education suffers, we all suffer.