The Country Music Industry has been through rapid changes in the past few years.

Younger artists are emerging to take center stage and dominate over legends like Kenny Chesney, Keith Urban, George Strait, and Carrie Underwood. And these younger artists come fully equipped with legitimate talent.

Jordyn Shellhart is among the select artists with pure, authentic talent. Her debut album, “In a Room,” was recorded in her manager’s office.

“Recording the album in an office was definitely different. We’re all used to fancy studios, so it was nice to be reminded that it’s not necessary to pay big money for music. Sometimes, music is better simple. I loved grounding my expectations a little bit” Shellhart said.

“In a Room” was released to Best Buy in November of last year, part of the non-profit foundation “@15,” dedicated to empowering teens.

Shellhart, signed to Seagayle Music Publishing as a songwriter and Sony Nashville as a full-fledged recording artist, is the complete package. Out of 15 tracks on her album, she wrote or co-wrote them all. She first picked up a guitar at the age of 13 and began playing the piano a year ago.

Shellhart may be a high school sophomore, but age is nothing but a number for this polished professional. Her use of words will leave listeners captivated, so do not expect teeny-bopper tunes erupting from her MySpace account.

Shellhart’s website show her determination and drive to achieve her dreams. Any nagging skepticism of her talent is quickly tossed aside.

Her self-written biography has character and class, “I am a fan of LIFE, and I believe in LOVE. And I think that dreams are all that you can really count on to be there for you no matter what. So why not chase after them?” she said.

It is clear through Shellhart’s music and personality how proficient and grounded she is. From her up-beat and clever “I’m Breaking Up,” about a relationship ending (not a lack of cell phone reception), to her heartbreakingly beautiful “Heaven Knows,” about the loss of her older brother in 2007 from Type 1 Diabetes, Shellhart proves she can hold her own with the “Big Kids” of country music.

“Musically, my influences range from LeAnn Rimes to the Beatles to Regina Spektor. I’m a melting pot. In life, my biggest influences are my family and my best friend. They’re always inspiring me to be better, and I am who I am because of them,” she said.

Her advice to aspiring musicians is to “love what you do and do what you love, always. It can’t matter if you’re making money at it or not. You have to love music or it’s just not going to be good.”

That is coming from a 15-year-old. Check out Shellhart on MySpace at or on her website at Her album is available at any local Best Buy.
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