The Student Senate was busy this week as always. Dr. Burns visited to speak on behalf of the Middle States program and evaluating Millersville as a university. Evaluators were on campus earlier this week talking to students about life at Millersville and getting the most out of the university. Student senators attended the event. Dwight Horsey and Senate Treasurer Joe Muller spoke on behalf of making an exception and the process of allocations for the Cultural Affairs Committee. The Committee brings many events to campus and will have nowhere to house their performances and speakers with the closure of the SMC and Lyte. The Committee is planning to bring smaller performers in to McComsey and save their money for two years to bring bigger name performances in 2012 which will give Millersville an even better name. The allocations exception proposal was passed.

During President Mackenzie Wrobel’s report she discussed an article in The Intelligencer about purchasing a building in Lancaster City that off-campus classes would be moved to, but this is just in the preliminary stage. Vice President Brandy Jackson had good feedback on the first Weiner Wednesday of this semester, so look for more of those in the future. Also, if any other organizations are interested in teaming up with Senate and UAB for the Keystone Kares Campus Cleanup day in April, see Jackson.

The Color of Teaching Mentoring program presented their need for emergency allocations this week to the Senate. They applied to receive $2,945.73, and the motion was passed. The Green Committee was passed at the Millersville Borough Council meeting and Recording Secretary Kaila Repman will be working on advertising the Committee to students. If you have any ideas or are interested, see Repman. The Senate also discussed signing the student letter for the climate survey, which took place last year but was not received very well by students. The survey was altered and now the Social Equity Office is looking for monetary donations to give prizes out to students. The Senate will help out with the survey and donate $100 to the Social Equity Office.

A final announcement at the meeting regards Maraudership. Applications are out and are due the Friday before break. Maraudership is a great leadership forum on campus run by student leaders.