The world of art can be a competitive one. Artists spend years perfecting their craft for art galleries all around the world. Experimenting, modifying and presenting are important in the life of an artist.

On March 29 at 5 p.m. the budding artists of Millersville where given the chance to present their latest pieces at the Annual Juried Student Art Exhibition. The event is held every year for specially selected students to present their works to be judged by those attending the show. “Only the cream of the crop are here,” said Stan Sulewski, an attendee of the exhibition. Located at the Sykes gallery in Breidenstine Hall, art majors and art enthusiasts attended the opening reception and award ceremony at 6 p.m.

The artistic pieces varied from sculptures, paintings, pictures and even some unique examples of modern art. The art was presented without the name of the artist to avoid bias in the judging later in the evening. Instead of taking away from the experience, it added to it, giving an air of mystery to the art.

One piece, for example, was nothing more than a Lady Liberty puzzle box while all the puzzle pieces inside had been ripped to shreds. Another unique work consisted of three different colored bottles flipped upside down with all of their contents spilled onto the floor, which created a strange but interesting splash painting on the wall beneath the bottles. The most intriguing artworks were the non-connecting wooden bridge that did not seem to be able to support itself along with an art book that illustrated several psychological phobias.

Most of the onlookers in the gallery would spend several minutes looking at a particular artwork and would then discuss it with others. “You would think this was done by professionals,” said Jillian Pagnotti, one of the contestants in the exhibition.

While there are awards for the winners in this contest, all the artists get a chance to take away something from this experience.

The art works will be displayed March 29 to April 22. It is a fun way to spend an afternoon and give Millersville’s artists support.