Each comedian has their own special performance that brings boundless laughter from the audience. Theo Von is no exception. He went the extra mile and brought the audience into the spotlight.

Born in Louisiana, Von made his name as a comedian by appearing on MTV’s “Road Rules.” Since then, he has been performing for seven years and he starred in the fourth season of “The Last Comic Standing” on NBC.

The performance took place at Club de ‘Ville at 9 p.m. on April 9. A very large crowd gathered to see the show. Spectators competed for the couches and pushed them to the front. People filled in until Club de ’Ville was completely filled.

Von was welcomed by the audience with a warm reception. In the beginning he talked about Millersville, remarked about the Amish, and even commented on the Snapper’s latest headline about the washing machine malfunction at Harbold as the highlight of Millersville’s news. “I’m performing at a milkmaid university in the middle of nowhere in a dark basement,” Von remarked as the audience responded with a chorus of laughter.

What made his performance shine was that the experience in general did not feel like a show at all. Von made the audience a huge part of the show, putting many of the members of the audience in the spotlight. He made jokes about students in the audience throughout the show.

Von talked about several topics such as types of cars, name changing, little people getting attacked by cats comparing it to people getting attacked by lions, dating, women and more. He also asked the audience about what the student’s majors were. Most of the time the audience did not know how to respond. However, this only gave Von more ammunition to poke fun at the Millersville community.

Not every member of the audience found Von’s stand-up routine humorous. One unnamed male student remarked that he was not impressed with what he had seen so far. Instead of ignoring the heckler, Von rose to the challenge and dared his accuser to make himself known. When the heckler did not respond, Von confidently replied, “I didn’t think so,” which made the audience laugh harder.

Despite the slight difference of opinion, Von’s stand-up routine was very engaging. He also gave nicknames to some of the louder audience members. Most of these students were located in the front row, and were given nicknames such as “Plant,” for their positive responses or “Duck feeder.”

By the end of the show, there was a lot of laughter. There was also a raffle provided by the Ville After Dark staff, which became part of the stand-up as well, where the students could win items such as T-shirts, coin purses, thermoses and more. After the audience began to leave many got the chance to talk one-on-one with Von. “I loved it when he talked about Millersville is in the middle of nowhere,” Lindsey Hardwick, a sophomore, said.