Attention all gamers! Pick up your game controllers and get ready to roll out. The long wait for a good game based on the Transformers franchise is finally over. Whether you are a long-time Transformers fan, or have only watched the Michael Bay movies, this game will bring a smile to anyone who likes robots, vehicles, or explosions.

While Transformers games based off the recent movies have been lackluster at best, High Moon Studios has finally provided a third-person shooter that will excite newcomers and satisfy the long-time Transformers fans.

Set on the Transformer’s home world of Cybertron, players are able to control both the freedom-loving Autobots and the destructive Decepticons as each side fights for complete control of the planet. The Decepticons use a new form of energy called, “Dark Energon,” in order to rule the planet, while the Autobots must salvage their army in order to save what is left of their war-torn world.

The story as a whole is standard Transformers formula. One side finds a new source of power to use to their advantage while the opposing side must stop them. While the storyline is somewhat predictable, it doesn’t take away from the experience. Transformers fans will really enjoy the story as it is a prequel to the original 1980’s TV show, also known as G1.

There are many characters to choose from, from the leaders Optimus and Megatron to fan favorites such as Soundwave and Bumblebee.

Although most of this content in the story is a nod to the long term fans, newcomers to the franchise will not be left out to dry. Enough of the characters and background is explained to make sense.

This is a game that celebrates the story of Transformers. For those who want to see it the way it was originally presented, this is the game for you.

The gameplay is one of the best aspects of the game and should satisfy people looking to play a good shooter game. “War for Cybertron” features more than just shooting wave after enemy wave. Since this is a Transformers game, transforming to vehicle mode is imperative for combat and maneuvering. The controls are seamless, having your character running at an enemy firing away to transforming and running them over. There is no shortage of modes to change into including cars, tanks, trucks and even jets.

The campaign is ten chapters, five for each side of the story. These chapters, however, are very long so pace yourself when going in. Ammo and health can be hard to find so if you use it all up you may find yourself in a sticky situation more than onces.

In addition to solo and co-op campaign mode, there is also Escalation mode. This is where you can test your skills against enemy hordes for special achievements and unlockable content.

For multiplayer, you can design your own Transformer and go head-to-head with other players. All of these modes are a blast to play and are very reminiscent of the Halo series’ multiplayer modes.

The graphics for this game can be summed up in one word: breathtaking. The minute the chapters begin, you are immersed in their metallic world, with winding highways, dark caves, and energy factories that will test your skill as not just your enemies and environment try to hinder your progress.

Never before in the Transformers universe has Cybertron looked so alive. From the war-torn surface, the Decepticon’s prison facility, down to the very core of the planet itself. Each area is detailed and vibrant with surprises at every turn. Transforming itself takes only a matter of seconds to change from robot to vehicle should you need to take evasive maneuvers.

Overall, this game is a must play for all fans of shooter games and especially fans of the Transformers franchise. The great story, gameplay, and graphics have been praised by several game reviewers such as G4, Game Informer, and IGN.

While this game may not be for people who have never heard of or even liked the Transformers franchise, those who have will realize it is more than meets the eye.