Rhea Mitchell
Photography Editor

This year the wrestling team is presenting the Northeast Premier Mixed Martial Arts Event, commonly known to our boys as Warrior Challenge.  This event will be holding many roles, and is guaranteed to be action packed.  Warrior Challenge 20 is a fundraiser and debut fight for a former ‘Ville wrestler.  Excitement seekers will be drawn to the variety of competition and skills display.  Fighters from an amateur to professional level are scheduled to fight with four Championship Title Fights to close the night.
Many of our students are familiar with the Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) frenzy that has been sweeping the globe. However, many are not given the opportunity to experience competitive fighting first hand.  Certainly this sport comes with many critics and negative opinions, yet these defense skills have become apart of many cultures and their history.

The Warrior Challenge 20 will showcase MMA fighting on September 22nd at Pucillo Gym.

Your ticket can be purchased in several locations such as: online at www. warrior challenge.info, in the ticket office located in the Student Memorial
Rhea Mitchell- Warrior Challenge Center, or from one of our dedicated wrestlers.  By presenting their school ID to the ticket office in the SMC, students may even receive a discount.
Pucillo Gymnasium, will be transformed into an MMA fighting arena scheduled to hold twelve individual bouts.  Fighters are trained in submission, grappling, and other karate techniques; particularly techniques of Olympic Judo, Brazilian Jiu  Jitsu, and Greco-Roman, and Russian Sambo styles.
The website provides an overview of upcoming events for the program, as well as what Warrior Challenge representatives wish to contribute to the community.  Certainly prospective fighters can look here for more information about how to get involved.

Sophmore Josh Ruppert wrestles with a student at the EWL Championships last year. He came in sixth place and was the only Maruader to place.

Brandon Vernalli is scheduled to have his debut fight on the night of the 22nd, coming out of a career in wrestling with the University he sought to pursue his interest in competitive MMA.  It is gents, and potentially gals, like Vernalli that sparked the inspiration for Warrior Challenge.  Mark Jovich founded the program back in 2008, because he was disappointed with the lack of accessibility people had to fair competitive fighting.  Jovich took it one step further by opening the doors to the community by promoting instructional classes for prospective fighters.
Although this sport has gained much popularity over the years, our quaint area has not seen much exposure to this growing trend.  Saturday, September 22nd is going to change that. Come out and support your fellow Marauders, and look at for more detailed information which will soon be posted around campus.