Karli Van Duzer
Staff Writer

When deciding on a college, something everyone considers is if they want to go to a dry campus or a wet campus. A dry campus is one that does not allow alcohol on it and a wet campus is one that allows alcohol to be present. One in every three colleges is a dry campus. College students drink and party.
Most parents know that when their child leaves to go to college they will go to a party sometime during their career. 63.9 percent off all college students drink. If college students could drink on campus it may be safer for them.
Each year about 110,000 college students are arrested for alcohol-related violence. Most of these students are coming from or at parties when they get arrested. On a Friday or Saturday night any student that goes out can find at least 10 cops in police or undercover cars. Cops know what look for when they are watching students. They know who looks like they are going out and who is drunk.
While having a wet campus will not stop underage drinking or people going off campus to drink, if people who were at least 21 could drink on campus it would be safer than having to walk back to campus where they could possibly get mugged.
People think that a dry campus is safer since people can’t get drunk on campus, but going off campus to drink is more dangerous. People drink on
campus in the dorm rooms so they do not risk getting hurt or arrested coming back to their rooms.
When people get caught drinking on a dry campus they can get fined, arrested, or even suspended from school. But people risk it anyway.
Students on dry campuses are not the only ones who go to parties off campus or even drink on campus. Students that go to wet campuses go to parties and drink in dorms. Some may be over age so it is permitted but not all these students are over age.
On some wet campuses the students all drink together in the quad, even if they are underage.
A girl I know who once attended Ursinus Collerge noted that the students are allowed to drink on campus in the quad but they are not permitted to have open containers such as a can or bottles. At this campus the students are permitted to stay out until 2 a.m.
Another notable wet campus, The University of Notre Dame, provides a bar on campus inside its student union as a place for students to gather and meet up with friends, if you’re of legal age of course.
Hanover College in Indiana allows their students to purchase alcoholic beverages at convenience stores on campus, similar to our Anchor. Again, as long as you are 21 or older.
All of these options would prevent students from putting themselves at risk late at night or from having to drive off campus to a bar or party. This does seem like a safer option.
I don’t think it is fair to punish students who are of age to drink for partaking in that activity.
At the same time, it is important to make sure that underage students are not getting ahold of alcohol on campus.
I think that wet campuses are a lot safer than dry campuses. They still have campus security to monitor the student’s activities so they are not violent but they do give students the opportunity to have a safe environment to drink.
College towns are usually safe and there are police to watch out for students and others but if students didn’t have to go off campus it would be
safer. Not every college student goes out to party and drink but the majority that do need to find a safe way to do it. Once students go off campus the school is not responsible for them.
Also, students do not need to go out and party. It is their decision to do so and it is their responsibility to be safe and to make good decisions for themselves.
Ultimately, I do not think that Millersville will ever become a wet campus. Making the alcohol available on campus, or at least not enforcing it as harshly, would make it easier for underage drinkers to get ahold of it. I just wish there were a more fair system in place for those who are 21.