Julie Raffensperger
Associate Features Editor

Clicking through channels on the television, listening to the radio, flipping through a magazine, or browsing through the Internet. No matter what you do, you are bombarded with images every day about not being the “right” size, or you see the latest pill to drop ten pounds in one week. It is nearly impossible to escape the images the media puts out on a daily basis. What is most troublesome is that many of the weight loss fads are unhealthy, unnatural, and may do more harm than good. Conversely, a recent study has found a natural aid which can help people lose unwanted weight.
A substance called chlorogenic acid, which is naturally found in coffee beans, has been scientifically proven to improve the body’s ability to lose weight at a healthy rate. Dr. Mehmet Oz, a famous Turkish American cardiothoracic surgeon, author, and television personality, found in his own study that participants using the bean’s extract lost an average of two pounds per week, whereas others who did not use the extract lost only one pound. The average amount of weight loss is about 18 pounds over a time period of 22 weeks.

Unroasted coffee beans contain chlorogenic acid, which has recently shown to increase weight loss, especially among women.

Coffee beans are naturally high in chlorogenic acid, but levels are at their peak before the beans are actually roasted. Dr. Oz reported, “Green coffee bean extract helps speed up weight loss, new scientific research reveals that green coffee bean extract is a powerful anti-oxidant, and it significantly contributes to weight loss and blood sugar control.” Adding this extract to a healthy diet and exercise can aid your body’s metabolism rate.
The International Business Times stated, “”Unfortunately, traditional brewed coffee doesn’t serve as a good source of chlorogenic acid. While roasting green coffee beans removes its naturally bitter taste, it also removes a significant portion of chlorogenic acid. Hence, green coffee beans remain one of the best natural sources for chlorogenic acid.”
The extract from the beans can be bought in the form of capsules taken orally and can be purchased at most drugstores. However, it is advised that any person under the age of 18 should not take the extract.
Not only does the extract help you lose weight at a healthy rate, but recent studies have also shown that people who consumed the green coffee bean extract had better control of their blood sugar levels, blood pressure levels, and cholesterol levels.
Senior Brianna Weaver states that, “I think people would try it because it is a natural and easy solution to losing weight, which is something that many people are searching for.” It is true that many people wish to lose weight, which is especially difficult in America where food is quick, cheap, and everywhere.
Nick Villalta, a Millersville University senior, claimed, “It is probably not FDA approved so there is no telling what side effects those tablets can have. It might work but damage your body’s natural equilibrium at the same time.”
While studies have shown the extract to be effective, it may be smart to wait until more time has passed, allowing scientists and researchers to broaden their knowledge about the extract and any other effects it may have on the body. When trying to lose weight, be smart. Aim to shed pounds at a healthy rate, which can be done by eating right, working out, and having patience along with a great deal of motivation.
Adding this new extract to your diet may be just the kick you need to get rid of those last few unwanted pounds. If it is not for you, then keep your eyes and ears open for healthy, natural aids which can help you lose weight. Do your research and never be caught as the victim of unhealthy diet fads or weight loss pills.