Luke Helker
Staff Writer

Albright had student bands headline for him at the VPAC.

On Saturday, singer-songwriter Josh Albright visited Millersville for a little coffeehouse styled gig at the new Visual and Performing Arts Center.
The performance also incorporated student based bands, who performed in support of the gig. Jeff Grey’s band and Crisscross Albatross had the opportunity to perform.
Crisscross Albatross opened up the show, playing for the first twenty minutes. A lot of what they do is neo-psychedelic, experimental, so usually they play electric, but their songs lend themselves well to being interpreted in an acoustic sense just as much as an electric sense.
As far as their playing, it was good for their second gig as a band.

If you dig Tame Impala or Mumford & Sons, you’ll like them.
Jeff Grey is a singer songwriter who is a music major at the university, and musically, is the lovechild of Dave Matthews and Edie Vedder.
Great voice, great style, and of course, great songs.
His band was extremely tight and played a great set. If you are a fan of Dave Matthews Band, John Mayer, Pearl Jam and all that fun stuff in between, then you’ll totally dig Jeff Grey and his band.
Finally, we have Josh Albright.
He played an extended set, which was good, but sounded similar.

Albright’s album is available for pre-order now.

See, most singer songwriters fall into this trap in that they start following a formula that works for them and then they start to sound like every other established singer-songwriter. Then, the whole genre becomes a sea of mediocrity and people trying to keep from drowning by being creative and innovative.
Albright’s songs are both well written and radio friendly, but also a bit repetitive and basic in form and structure.
Albright sometimes has a whole band with him, so maybe the eclecticism of his music comes out better with the backing band, but I didn’t get that impression from his performance.
He’s nice, though, and we all had fun creating music that feels natural to us. Keep an eye out for the next singer-songwriter concert!