Zachary Staab
Assoc. News Editor

The deadline to order for the Millersville University Business Association’s (MUBA) annual “Daffodil Days” was Monday, February 18. The purpose of “Daffodil Days” is to raise money for the American Cancer Society (ACS). The ACS is a community based organization dedicated to eliminating cancer, saving lives, and diminishing suffering from cancer through research, education, advocacy, and service. The items for sale included 10 daffodils at $10, a vase and bunch at $15, Boyd’s Bear (Ray O. Hope) and a bunch at $25 and pot of mini-daffodils at $12.
Members of the campus clergy association (MU Business Association) received notices about the event early in February, and were encouraged to spread the word to other staff and faculty. Anne Stauffer, the Purchasing Agent at Millersville said, “We have never involved students, but there may have been some year where student organizations have participated on their own.”

Boyd’s Ray O. Hope Bear is one of the many items for sale to raise money for ACS (American Cancer Society) during Daffodil Days last annual event.
Boyd’s Ray O. Hope Bear is one of the many items for sale to raise money for ACS (American Cancer Society) during Daffodil Days last annual event.

MUBA started sponsoring Daffodil Days to raise money for ACS in 1994. MUBA raised a total of $240 dollars in 1994 and continued to raise more money each year. “We helped raise $1,388 last year,” said Stauffer. The most successful year for MUBA was in 2008, when the organization raised $1,821 for ACS.
MUBA sold 78 bunches, 8 bears, 8 vases and 24 pots of mini-daffodils last year. The event organizers hoped to raise as much money as last year, but the final tally showed that they came up a little short. The total funds raised for ACS this year was slightly shorter than their goal, with a total of $1,387 being raised for cancer research and education.
Thousands of dollars have been donated to ACS through the Daffodil Days program at MUBA. The bylaws of MUBA require the organization to be charitable, they state: “The Association is to be organized and operated exclusively for charitable, educational, and social purposes.” Stauffer and the staff at MUBA felt strongly about supporting ACS because of how many people are inflicted by cancer. “We decided to support ACS because so many staff and/or their families & friends have experienced this horrific disease,” said Stauffer.
The event is very labor intensive and the local ACS in Lancaster, Pa., was one of the last branches still using Daffodil Days as a fundraiser. “Sad to say, but this is the final year for Daffodil Days,” said Stauffer. Instead, MUBA has decided to focus their efforts on Making Strides Against Breast Cancer and Relays for Life. The organization has many fundraisers including, “Spring and fall fundraisers to support our MU Scholarship Fund that supports non-traditional female students from Lancaster County,” said Stauffer. “Both fundraisers will be with Avon this year and, as with the daffodils, we solicit members.”
MUBA also donates to Toys for Tots and Clair House during the Christmas season. Additionally, the MUBA is planning to help with the Campus Cupboard this summer, so they can continue to help students through tough times.