Jackie Lafferty
News Writer

Governor Tom Corbett recently announced that Olayinka Osibodu from Harrisburg, Pa., has been appointed as the new student member of the Millersville University Council of Trustees. As a junior sociology major with a minor in government, Osibodu applied for this position because of her desire to make a positive change in education, equality, and democracy.
“I’ve always had the passion to help people and be a voice to those in need, stand for social equality, and community develop so when I saw the ad for Student Trustee I knew right away this was something that would move that passion into action,” Osibodu says.
As a student trustee for Millersville University Osibodu will act as a liaison between the student body and the Council of Trustees when it comes to addressing issues or concerns regarding experiences at Millersville University. Her duties will include making recommendations to the chancellor for the appointment, retention, or dismissal of the president, and assisting the president in developing proper relations and understanding between the institution and its programs and the public in order to serve the interest and needs of both. In addition, she will help review and approve the recommendations of the president pertaining to annual operating and capital budget requirements, review and approve charges for room and board and other fees except student activity fees, and represent the institution at official functions of the Commonwealth.

Newly appointed student member of the Council of Trustees, Olayinka Osibodu.
Newly appointed student member of the Council of Trustees, Olayinka Osibodu.

During her membership she hopes to not only see diversity at the University increase, but also to compel students to become a body of open-minded, tolerant, and grateful individuals for the different cultures on campus.
One specific area of concern Osibodu mentions is the class sizes, class types, and how that will affect the students. “I know personally, I prefer the options to be open for online learning, and in class learning: as well as whether those classes are large of small. I know as a University we have been growing but my hope is that we can continue to provide the adequate faculty and staff needed to support the quality of education for the student body,” she says.
Osibodu hopes her position will help her to become familiar and comfortable with an executive environment and help her excel in contributing to that environment of leadership. Academically, she plans to become a lawyer after completing her college education and hopes this position along with her knowledge in the politics of democracy, bureaucracy, and business in higher education will help prepare her for this field.
For students interested in seeking this position in the future Osibodu advises, “Being a student trustee is an honor and privilege; you are one of the most influential voices and representatives for the entire student body at Millersville University, which is a huge leadership role. Being in this role isn’t only about making important decision for the University, but you have to put your personal interests aside to properly assist the Council of Trustees in making decisions that is best for, the students and staff here, but also for the Community of Millersville as a whole.”
Each of the 14 state funded Universities in the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education (PASSHE) houses a Council of Trustees. Along with Osibodu other student members were appointed to their University Council of Trustees at West Chester University and Indiana University of Pennsylvania. Osibodu will assume these duties on May 19th after current student member Shane McGrady graduates and she will hold this position until she graduates. Her first Council of Trustees meeting will be held in June.