Cat Ardes
Arts & Culture Editor

You could say it’s a necessity of life to have a good laugh from time to time and when you find people who can give you that great, bellowing laugh that makes your stomach hurt well, you just might want to run into them more often. Anyone on a daily basis can make you giggle or chuckle because of what they said or did, but when that individual is put in the spotlight on a stage and able to make you laugh more in a few hours than you have in a few days then they have a major talent worth seeing.
Improv Molotov is Millersville’s very own improv group that performs several shows throughout the semester for students, faculty, alumni, family and friends. The group was formed in the fall of 2009 and has since been an active group for the Millersville community. Originally, they performed skits similar to “Who’s Line is it Any Way?” which they refer to as the “short form” but they have since transitioned to “long form” where members of the group think of scenarios themselves and quickly act out anything off the top of their head that takes one act right into another. To some, this may sound rather ordinary but it’s the scenarios and topics that are acted out that give everyone in the audience that laugh that they were hoping for. Individual stand-up by each member of the group are also a part of the show. Just about any topic you can think of they have made their mark on. Students can find humor in a range of skits and jokes told about our everyday life on campus as students to the dating world and many others. We all know we go through the same things as a student so why not make fun of them?

Improv Molotov, a cast of MU students, practices for their first improv performance of the semester in Dutcher Hall.
Improv Molotov, a cast of MU students, practices for their first improv performance of the semester in Dutcher Hall.

Members of Improv Molotov consist of Emily Rissinger, Paul Goraczko, Kathleen Verbo, Cecelia Ziman-Destefano, Henry Wagner, Rasheed Wesley, Jessica Lieb, Juan Diehl, and Aaron Dake. I was able to meet with the cast for a short time during their practice and I really saw how they come together as a group. Practice two times a week is part of their routine and preparation for their upcoming shows that not only helps them to put on a better show each time but the group ultimately forms a friendship. Aaron Dake described one moment for the group “There’s that one moment when you hear the audience laugh and it’s just…inspirational” is one aspect of improv that motivates each of these members. As a group together, they have traveled to the Philadelphia Improv Competition and from there they were invited to a competition in Gettysburg where UCB , professionals in the improv field, were present in the audience. Of course not every experience always ends with a great outcome but the group as a whole agreed that “Every show is an experience and experience is what makes improv.” Their formed friendships help them dive into anything together. Cast member Henry Wagner explained “When we’re trying to be different, even our mistakes are funny so when we’re all together it just feels like family”
Improv Molotov’s first show of the semester will be Thursday, September 19, 2013 beginning at 8pm in Dutcher Hall. Auditions for joining this hilarious and welcoming cast will be Friday September 20, 2013 also in Dutcher Hall from 4pm to 6 pm. “We are more than open to new members joining us” is something everyone apart of the group said and they look forward to meeting potential new comedians to keep their shows alive for the future after current members graduate. Be sure to save the date for Improv Molotov’s first performance and support a campus-local group!