Christine Illes
Associate Photo Editor

This past Saturday, the Milersville University Activities Board (UAB) sponsored another trip for students, this time to New York City. The cost was only $5 and bus transportation was provided. Students who attended were dropped off behind the Winter Garden Theatre right on New York’s Broadway strip by Times Square and were free to see whatever they desired.

It was a sunny day but quite windy, with temperatures in the 50’s. There were many things to do in the area as Times Square is a place buzzing with thousands of people and tons of shops and restaurants. Students had the whole day to choose what to do, with options such as seeing a Broadway show, taking a walk to Central Park, checking out the Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum, stocking up on chocolate at M&M’s World, or grabbing dinner at one of the many acclaimed restaurants in the area.

Strawberry Fields is a memorial located in New York City’s Central Park dedicated to Beatles member, John Lennon.
Strawberry Fields is a memorial located in New York City’s Central Park dedicated to Beatles member, John Lennon.

“I got to see the Strawberry Fields Memorial in Central Park,” said student Julie Zook, who has gone on not only this New York trip, but other UAB trips in New York as well. “It was really nice to see since I’ve never seen it before!”

Student James Randall and another fellow student decided to make their trip to New York extremely memorable by getting a tattoo at the Infinity Tattoo Parlor between 39th and 40th streets. “This was my first one,” Randall said. “It felt like I was getting pinched for two hours straight!”

Planning a trip like this is not very difficult for the members of UAB. “It’s generally simple,” said UAB Special Events and Super Fest Coordinator Nancy Lapakiewicz. “A lot of it depends on when buses are available. We plan around a semester ahead, between three and six months. Planning a trip like this is less complicated than one with a Broadway show.”

“We have about one trip like this each semester, but we were able to visit here and Washington D.C. because there was open availability,” said UAB Treasurer Amanda Pohl. “Planning a trip like this really depends on what is available at the time.”

UAB is made up of five different committees, which include Super Fest and special events, travel, comedy, diversity and marketing. UAB does not only sponsor travel events but also many other events on campus, such as concerts, comedy shows, movie screenings, dances and psychics.

There are a few UAB sponsored events that are just around the corner. On Monday, April 7, ticket sales began for a trip to Six Flags America in Maryland on April 26. Tickets are only $10. On April 15, UAB will be sponsoring the Preferred Parking comedy tour with the comedy duo Samuel Comroe and Drew Lynch, two comedians with a disability who use comedy to not just laugh at their disabilities, but to advocate for equality among those with disabilities.

And of course, one of UAB’s biggest events, Super Fest, will be taking place April 24th and 25th and Lapakiewicz encourages that, “All clubs and organizations should sign up!”
You can keep up-to-date with UAB’s events on their Facebook Page “University Activities Board at MU” and Twitter @UABMU. If you would like to become involved in the events sponsored by the campus or would like to know further information, attend one of UAB’s meetings on Wednesdays at 9:15 p.m. in Room 18 of the SMC.