Thomas Henderson
Staff Writer

The semester has only just begun, but the men’s rugby team is already geared up for the fall 2014 season. This preparation is, in large part, due to the integrity of Coach Bryan Haynes, or “Coach Red” as he is known to the team.

Haynes has been coaching the Millersville Men’s Rugby Team since 2002; the team was student run until this point.

The men’s rugby team has started their season 2-0 due in part to senior leadership.
The men’s rugby team has started their season 2-0 due in part to senior leadership.

“Every year the team gets better,” said Haynes. “Even though it’s a club sport, the players take it very seriously, and with the help of the administration the team is growing and improving.”

Both Coach Red and the players agree that the bond they share is not only as teammates, but also as a brotherhood, both on and off the field.

“You (as students) are here for more than just study,” said Haynes. “You’re here to figure out who you are… and this program gives students the opportunity to grow in many ways.” Haynes also expressed great confidence in the newly appointed team captain, Sean Bryson, who he feels is an inspirational leader. Bryson has been a member of the rugby team for three years.

“My goal this year is to see all the newer players learn and love the sport,” said Bryson. “I want to see newer members playing [varsity]. I see a lot of the newer members working hard to push for that goal. The new guys are the future of this team, and I hope to see more people come out to play.” Aaron Davis, the previous team captain, had to step down due to an injury.

“I’ve played for two years at Millersville, and I’m currently coaching for my third year of college,” said Davis. “Like every person at Millersville who plays the sport, I love rugby. We have a strong team comprised of a good bunch of new guys and returning players. The camaraderie of the team will be what drives us to be number one in the league.”

Greg Pfeffing, varsity scrum half (the link between the forwards and the backs on the field) has been playing for three years at Millersville.

“The Keystone Rugby Conference is a Division I league, and it’s a tough one,” said Pfeffing. “Some of the top teams in the league are West Virginia, Temple, St. Joseph’s, and Rutgers.” Even though the team will face tough competition, Pfeffing remains confident in the team’s ability.

Two games into the season, and Millersville remains undefeated. The team defeated York with a score of 30-0. The second game which took place this past Saturday, marked Millersville’s second win, with a score of 34-25 against Scranton.

For those interested in joining the Millersville’s Men’s Rugby Team, practice is held every Monday through Thursday from 4:00 to 6:00 pm. Players who attend two practices a week will play in each game, and games are held each Saturday. Upcoming Games:

– Princeton University on Sept. 13

-Temple University on Sept. 20

-University of Pittsburgh on Sept. 27.

Contributions to this article were made by Molly Carl.